The policy concerns SOFT-ERG current and upcoming products: WinGDB and IntegraStudio. It depends on what kind of reseller you are.

I am a specialistic reseller for software development products.

We are looking forward to cooperation with quality value-added resellers specializing in software development tools and consulting (esp. C++, Java and embedded systems). We can offer significant pricing discounts. Please contact us at in case you would like to apply.

I am a mass software reseller.

If you sell various software in bulk and a customer just asked you to buy some licenses of WinGDB, please go to our purchase page and make an order. Reselling is permitted, without any country restrictions.

Note that as of 2015.06, we do not offer discounts for such cases anymore.

If you need a formal quote, please go to the purchase page, choose one of the distributors and add desired products to the cart. The distributor will calculate the final price, including taxes if applicable for your country. You can use the table as the formal quote (without doing actual purchase yet).

Note that our e-commerce partners (FastSpring and BMT Micro, Inc.) handle tax collection, as you are purchasing the products from one of these. They can provide you further information, as well as tax forms.

In general, please avoid sending redundant questions or questionnaires. Due to focus on actual customer support and product development, those might be unanswered or answered on lower priority.