2022.05.12 - WinGDB 2022.03
  • Visual Studio 2022 support.
2019.06.01 - WinGDB 6.0
  • Visual Studio 2019 support.
  • Bug fixes.
2017.05.01 - WinGDB 5.0
  • Visual Studio 2017 support.
  • Bug fixes.
2016.02.22 - WinGDB 4.4
  • Major improvements to CMake integration.
  • Extended IntelliSense for CMake files.
  • New feature: enhanced editor for QMake files.
  • Ability to disable project build/deploy in selected configurations.
  • Break function now works for remote targets when GDB process is 64-bit.
  • Other bug fixes.
2016.01.11 - WinGDB 4.3
  • Universal remote package manager for Linux systems.
  • Custom variables usable in project settings.
  • GUI enhancements in: property edition, process console, quick access to project options.
  • Fixed process breaking issue under MinGW-W64.
  • Other bug fixes.
2015.11.18 - WinGDB 4.2
  • Advanced CMake integration.
  • Added the System Manager for easier management of targeted systems.
  • Embedded Lua scripter for generating files for arbitrary build systems.
  • Real-time debugger log view window.
  • Makefile generator now properly omits files excluded from build.
  • Fixed incompatibility between the automation API and VS 2015.
  • Fixed a random crash when clicking on tooltips during debugging.
  • Other small bug fixes.
2015.08.03 - WinGDB 4.1
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 (official RTM).
2015.06.08 - WinGDB 4.0
  • New feature: enhanced editor for GNU Make build files.
  • New feature: makefile regeneration on build.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 RC.
  • GDB compatibility: up to 7.9.
  • Fixed problems with symlinked source files on remote side.
  • Other bug fixes.
WinGDB 3.x

WinGDB 3.x is a legacy version line. It is still being maintained and has limited support. Important bug fixes may be ported back, but no new features are planned. These versions are not being sold any more.

If you are a registered user of WinGDB 3.x, here you will find latest releases available for download.

2015.01.12 - WinGDB 3.6
  • New feature: enhanced exception debugging.
  • New feature: text/xml/html visualizers for string types.
  • Support for CJK fonts in the process console.
  • GDB compatibility: up to 7.8.1.
  • Bug fixes.
2014.03.09 - WinGDB 3.5
  • New feature: download/upload directory options.
  • New configuration options to automate certain tasks.
  • New feature: import source files to existing project.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying thread names on newer GDB versions.
  • Fixed a regression bug in 'Create project from existing sources' feature.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs.
2014.01.21 - WinGDB 3.4
  • GCC switch editor can now import Visual Studio project settings for compiler and linker.
  • Local echo feature for process console windows.
  • Scrollback buffer feature for process console and remote terminal windows.
  • Automation API library is now digitally signed.
  • Automation API reports proper error on missing or incorrect password.
2013.11.08 - WinGDB 3.3
  • Support for Visual Studio 2013.
  • Support for Windows 8.1.
  • GDB compatibility: up to 7.6.1.
  • Fixed rare crash in the Attach dialog.
2013.10.22 - WinGDB 3.2
  • Easy to use GCC switch editor for common compilation and linking options.
  • Improvements to multiple value editor window.
  • Fixed a problem with non-working breakpoints due to case mismatches in source paths.
  • Fixed a problem with breaking processes launched in sudo environment.
  • Automatic detection of Samba shares.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
2013.06.12 - WinGDB 3.1
  • Automation API library to control WinGDB from macros.
  • New toolbar for easier access to frequently used WinGDB features.
  • GDB version compatibility: up to 7.6.
  • Windows 8 support.
  • Android support moved to separate package.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
2013.05.19 - WinGDB 3.0
  • New wizard for creating projects from existing sources.
  • Makefile generator enhancements (Update mode, makefile name customization).
  • X11 protocol forwarding option for easier debugging GUI programs.
  • Automatic launch of Xming X-server when debugging or using the Remote Terminal.
  • Option for launching GDB in 'sudo' environment.
  • Fixed some occassional crashes and minor bugs.
WinGDB 2.x

WinGDB 2.x is a legacy version line. No further modifications are planned. These versions are not being sold any more. Please consider upgrading to the latest version.

If you are a registered user of WinGDB 2.x, here you will find latest releases available for download.

2013.01.04 - WinGDB 2.4
  • Virtualized GDB command shell window for safe direct execution of GDB commands.
  • Support for Immediate and Command windows.
  • Initial function breakpoint (aka. "Stop in main()") has configurable function name.
  • Fixed a problem with file transfer when using Dropbear SSH server.
  • GDB version compatibility: up to 7.5.1.
  • Fixed some occassional crashes and minor bugs.
2012.09.21 - WinGDB 2.3
  • Debugging multiple processes, on single or multiple machines.
  • Process console improvements: configurable colors, clipboard, raw output capture to file or document, improved refreshing code.
  • New feature: remote SSH terminal window integrated into Visual Studio.
  • GDB version compatibility: up to 7.5.
  • Visual Studio 2012 support.
  • Fixed some occassional crashes and minor bugs.
2012.01.24 - WinGDB 2.2
  • Android support in new edition: WinGDB for mobile systems.
  • Visual Studio need not to be run as an administrator anymore.
  • GDB 7.3.x support.
  • Environment variables (local) can now be used in mapped source directories.
  • Other bug fixes.
2011.06.16 - WinGDB 2.1
  • New feature: "New project" dialog templates.
  • New feature: transfer from remote host.
  • New feature: adding arbitrary command line options for GDB.
  • Makefile generator enhancements and fixes.
  • Mapping manager enhancements and fixes.
  • Project configuration wizard enhancements and fixes.
  • Other bug fixes.
2011.04.11 - WinGDB 2.0
  • New feature: checkpoint-based debugging.
  • New feature: persistent properties stored in sln/vcproj files.
  • New feature: mix standard Visual Studio build with WinGDB debugging.
  • Bug fixes.
WinGDB 1.x

WinGDB 1.x is a legacy version line. No further modifications are planned. These versions are not being sold any more. Please consider upgrading to the latest version.

If you are a registered user of WinGDB 1.x, here you will find latest releases available for download.

2011.03.25 - WinGDB 1.92
  • New feature: Visual Studio macros can be used in paths.
  • Fixed: problems when debugging programs using user-defined signals.
  • Fixed: threads window displays only one thread on VS 2010.
  • Fixed: hangs when gdbserver connection was lost.
  • Fixed a number of other bugs.
2011.02.19 - WinGDB 1.91
  • New feature: Run init scripts only if the load command has been actually performed.
  • New feature: Force SCP mode for SSH connections.
  • Fixed a number of bugs.
2011.01.17 - WinGDB 1.9
  • New feature: Connections window, manual connection closing.
  • New feature: font in the Process Console can be customized.
  • New feature: generate core file.
  • Fixed: process incorrectly terminated on detach in Indirect/Embedded modes.
  • Fixed a number of other bugs.
2010.12.20 - WinGDB 1.8
  • New feature: multiple file deploy.
  • New feature: export/import project settings to XML.
  • Fixed connection problem on some BusyBox shell variants.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in STL visualizers.
  • Fixed a bug causing crashes when double-clicking on errors/warnings in the build console.
  • Fixed some other occasional crashes.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.
2010.11.22 - WinGDB 1.7
  • New feature: catchpoints support for exceptions debugging (throw/catch).
  • New feature: public key authentication through Pageant utility.
  • New feature: TCP keep-alive option to prevent connection timeout.
  • New feature: pre-load init scripts for embedded devices.
  • New feature: Value format specifiers.
  • GDB 7.2 support
  • Reduced number of SSH connections per session.
  • Improved performance on projects loading many shared librares.
  • Console now works in indirect mode.
  • Fixed a number of console bugs.
  • Entire solution can now be transfered to remote host.
  • Hexadecimal display is now supported in call-stack view.
  • Signals handling configuration is now stored between sessions.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in Disassembly, Memory and Registers views.
  • Fixed some occasional crashes.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.
2010.09.17 - WinGDB 1.6
  • New feature: easy, user friendly configuration with Project Configuration Wizard.
  • New feature: custom GDB scripts (currently for local sessions only).
  • New feature: automatic makefile generation from Visual Studio projects.
  • New feature: hexadecimal display supported in debug windows (watch, locals, etc.).
  • Improved compatibility with older GDB versions (6.1 - 6.6).
  • Toolchain paths setting in WinGDB, allows work without PATH variable modification.
  • "Stop in main()" now stops on program entry point in Embedded Device mode.
  • Copy file deploy mode now works also in Indirect Linux mode.
  • Restored an option to build all projects in the solution.
  • Projects can now be built with dependencies.
  • Improved remote file system browser dialog.
  • Improved "Load program" option, bugs fixed.
  • Improved reaction on underlying debugger hangs.
  • Fixed: problem with refresh of tool windows contents on Visual Studio 2010.
  • Fixed: occasional crash in Indirect Linux mode.
  • Fixed: occasional crash on removing a breakpoint.
  • Fixed: protocol controller problem under Cygwin.
2010.07.30 - WinGDB 1.55
  • Visual Studio 2010 support.
  • Palm webOS 1.45 and official PDK support.
  • New feature: deploy executable on embedded system.
  • New feature: load program on embedded device.
  • New feature: gdbserver protocol accelerator for faster debugging on USB connected mobile systems.
  • Process console now works with embedded Linux (output only).
  • Debugger path can be set per project / solution.
  • Password dialog improvements.
  • Fixed: zero entry point allowed for embedded devices.
  • Fixed: problem with process breaking in indirect mode when GDB shows incorrect PID.
  • Fixed: random hang or crash when using Set Next Statement function.
  • Fixed some other occassional crashes.
2010.06.08 - WinGDB 1.45
  • New platform support: Palm webOS mobile devices.
  • New feature: indirect Linux debugging mode (remote Linux over SSH with gdbserver).
  • New feature: building project/solution before starting debugging.
  • New feature: support for gdbserver port forwarding.
  • GDB 7.1 support (but see Known problems).
  • More evaluation options: special Demo edition with some functionality limitations while relaxed time limitations.
  • Attach dialog works with embedded and indirect modes.
  • Better support for shells without working stty -echo command.
  • Improved OpenBSD compatibility.
  • Disassembly diagnostic mode.
  • Improved connection failures handling.
  • Improved local build commands execution - semicolon separator supported.
  • Fixed: view disassembly at specified address.
  • Fixed: rare crashes when viewing disassembly.
2010.04.23 - WinGDB 1.35
  • New feature: remote clean and rebuild.
  • New feature: an option for reusing standard Visual Studio build commands for WinGDB build.
  • New feature: an option for saving settings to project in configuration dialogs other than Properties.
  • Fixed: a hang during debugging shared libraries in certain configuations.
  • Fixed: some hangs and crashes due to multithreading issues.
  • Fixed: problems on gdb versions without pending breakpoints support.
  • Fixed: problems with watchpoints on 64-bit systems.
  • Fixed: limited number of characters in some combo-boxes in the configuration dialog.
2010.04.07 - WinGDB 1.3
  • Support for embedded Linux on ARM9 architecture, CodeSourcery Lite toolchain.
  • New feature: launch gdbserver.
  • New feature: transfer solution, project, folder or file to remote host.
  • New feature: remote build of entire solution.
  • Attach dialog improvements.
  • Improved handling of pointers in Locals window.
  • Fixed: miscellaneous remote build bugs.
  • Fixed attach problems: local processes, killing remote process on Attach used from WinGDB menu.
  • Fixed: missing WinGDB context menus on non-English Visual Studio.
  • Fixed: Registers window not refreshing on thread switch.
  • Fixed: SSH connection number growing when launching/attaching many times.
  • Fixed: "escaped" variable values.
2010.02.21 - WinGDB 1.2
  • Visualizers (aka pretty-printers) support for GDB 7.0 and above.
  • Improved embedded systems support, incl. proper breaking.
  • Debugging options are now stored per project and solution.
  • Easy one-click "Start debugging" option.
  • WinGDB context menu for Solution Explorer projects.
  • Cygwin support.
  • A crash handler, for reporting crashes in WinGDB.
  • Sources for remote debugging can be loaded from separate host.
  • Pointers can be expanded to view target object in the Locals and other windows.
  • 'Suppress init files' option in Preferences.
  • Improvements in handling source paths.
  • List views: keep widths between sessions.
  • Fixed: All commands allowed in custom initialization scripts.
  • Fixed: matching non-full paths.
  • Fixed: crashes related to Autos Window.
  • Fixed: breakpoints for non-full gdb paths.
  • Fixed: reassigning disassembly breakpoints after restart session.
  • Fixed: proper error when cannot connect to target.
  • Fixed: BusyBox issues.
2009.12.01 - WinGDB 1.1
  • GDB 7.0 support.
  • Sun Solaris/OpenSolaris on SPARC/x86/x86-64 support.
  • Byte order support (Big-Endian/Little-Endian).
  • Support for 64-bit applications.
  • Configurable displayed stack depth limit.
  • A warning is displayed when debugging symbols are not found.
  • Unescaped strings in debug windows.
  • Bug fixes/improvements in handling of shared libraries.
  • Improvements in handling of paths (including UNC ones).
  • Improved diagnostic mode.
  • Fixed: History in dialogs sometimes disappears.
  • Bug fixes in disassembly view.
  • Accurate date/time of module in local session (Modules Window).
  • Fixed: incorrect info sometimes displayed in About Dialog.
2009.10.18 - WinGDB 1.0
  • 'Map source directories' option available from WinGDB menu, allowing to map local directories with source code to their remote equivalents.
  • Create remote file function.
  • Bug fixes in breakpoints.
  • Bug fixes in handling of paths with backslashes inside.
  • Bug fixes in disassembly view.
  • 'About' dialog.
2009.09.30 - WinGDB 0.93 beta
  • New 'Attach to Process' dialog available from WinGDB menu, allowing to attach to a Linux process even in environments with limited standard 'Attach to Process' function capabilities.
  • New 'Preferences' dialog available from WinGDB menu. It solves existing problems with disappearing Tools/Options/WinGDB pages on some system configurations.
  • Bug fixes for remote systems debugging. Avoidance of GDB commands not supported in such configurations.
  • Disassembly View now available in MinGW mode.
  • Disassembly View performance improvements.
  • Improved diagnostics in MinGW mode.
  • 'Relaunch remote process' command added.
  • Bug fixes in handling of paths with spaces inside.
  • Additional options in Launch, Attach and Examine dialogs (e.g. for shared library locations).
  • Other minor bug fixes.
2009.08.30 - WinGDB 0.92 beta
  • MinGW support - you can debug native Windows applications, as well as remote targets (e.g. embedded systems) using MinGW GDB. This feature is still in early beta stage and has some problems (disassembly view is temporarily disabled).
  • Support for gdb 'target' command both for MinGW and "GDB via SSH" cases.
  • Remote build - runs build (e.g. make) on remote machine. Output is redirected to the Console and Task List windows in Visual Studio. Double-clicing on error or warning shows related place in the code.
  • Follow fork mode - during debugging fork() calls you can decide whether the debugger moves into the child process, or stays in the parent. This allows debugging daemons.
  • Support for larger base of Unix configurations - WinGDB will automatically detect shells other than bash and try to switch into bash. Also in case of trouble with shell communication (e.g. if remote account needs some user interaction after login), WinGDB will display a console, allowing the user to perform these actions manually before proceeding into the WinGDB session.
  • Custom initialization scripts for additional configuration (useful for embedded devices).
  • Open File Dialog improvements - opens multiple files, keeps last directory for each session.
  • Attach to process dialog improvement - now keeps previous login strings.
  • Installer now can seamlessly upgrade from previous versions - you don't need to uninstall it manually any more.
  • Support for separate debug info files - there is a new input field in Launch Process/Examine Core Dump dialogs, where you can provide a path to directory containing these files.
  • Diagnostic mode improvements - more information is dumped to log file.
  • Characters @ and : are now allowed in passwords specified within login strings.
  • Fixed a problem with crashing GDB when Autos window is visible.
  • A lot of small bugs corrected.
2009.06.30 - WinGDB 0.91 beta
  • Performance issues - big projects with many shared-object (.so) dependencies starts much faster.
  • Diagnostic Mode.
  • Signals Window.
  • A lot of small bugs corrected (according to users' feedback).
  • Fixed an issue with the Process Console so that it got reused on another session, instead of being replaced by a new console window.
  • Assembler flavor preferences (AT&T, Intel and custom syntax supported).
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010Beta 1 - Attach Mode only.
2009.05.01 - WinGDB 0.9 beta (first published beta version)
  • Support for Visual Studio 2005 / 2008.
  • Support for gdb 6.7 or newer.
  • Remote connection to the target machine over SSH.
  • Attach to process / Launch process / Examine core dump.
  • Remote source code viewer / editor.
  • Basic debugger commands: Run, Step over/into/out, Break All, Continue, Run to cursor, Set Next Statement.
  • Breakpoint setting in remote source files browsed locally.
  • Breakpoint setting by function name or through call-stack window.
  • Additional breakpoint properties: conditions, hit counting, temporary disabling.
  • Data breakpoint (write-watchpoint in gdb nomenclature).
  • Call stack window.
  • Watch / Auto / Locals window.
  • Processes / Modules / Threads window.
  • Registers / Memory window.
  • Disassembler view.
  • Console window emulating a XTerm terminal.
  • Generating core dump.