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Mapping source directories

Map source directories option available from WinGDB menu, allows to map local directories with source code to their remote equivalents. After the mapping is established, WinGDB will recognize breakpoints set in local sources and IntelliSense will work. For files specific to Linux implementation, for which WinGDB is unable to find local counterparts, cached copies still will be used as a fallback. Also differing files are detected and cached copy is used in case of differences between the local and the remote file. The mappings can be configured either for separate storage (the local and the remote machine have independent disks), or shared storage (there is one copy shared by e.g. Samba).

Source directory mapping manager

Add/Edit mapping

You can add several mappings for each login. Also the mappings may include one another. In this case, for each file the "most specific" mapping will be considered.

In local and remote paths, you can use environment variables (from the local machine) in the form $(VariableName). Note that they are system environment variables, not Visual Studio macros -- although these variables can be also used in contexts allowing the macros, the reverse does not generally apply. In the mapping configuration only environment variables are allowed.

Opening connections for mappings

When you start Visual Studio, connections for mappings are not opened by default and the files will not be synchronized. You can open the connections and enable synchronization using the Open connections for source mappings option from Connections menu. Only connections for logins which have Synchronize saved files option enabled will be opened by this option.

Table of Contents

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