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Working without a project (quick mode)

This chapter describes the Quick debug mode. The project mode is described in this section.

Launching a process for debugging

To launch and debug a new process use the Launch process... command from the WinGDB menu. The following dialog will appear:

Options on the General page are described in this section. Remaining debugger options are explained here. If you are developing for embedded platforms, you can find explanation of Target and Server pages here and here.

Launching the same process again

To run remote process with the same settings like in previous session use Relaunch remote process option from WinGDB menu. WinGDB will not display the dialog, just start the session.

Attaching to remote process

You can also attach to already running remote process by clicking the Attach to process... command from the WinGDB menu. The following dialog will appear:

You can find more information on attaching in this section.

Examining a core file

Another option is to Examine core dump residing on remote machine. This function is described here.

Creating and editing source files on remote machine

WinGDB also offers a convenient feature which allows you to open a remote file inside Visual Studio text editor and edit it. After each save, the file will be automatically sent back to the remote machine. To perform this, use the Edit remote file option from the WinGDB menu. First, the "Open session" dialog will appear. You can either specify a login string in standard format (user[:password]@hostname[:port]) or choose an already existing connection from the list:

Then, the remote file system browser will appear, allowing you to specify the file path:

After you select the file, it will be downloaded to local machine (assuming you have a read permission) and its cached copy will open. You can perform all editing operations. After you choose "Save", the file will be sent back to the remote machine.

If you want to create a new file on the remote side and edit it, use Create remote file option. The dialogs displayed are the same as above, but this time you can enter new file name.

Starting builds on remote machine

When you finish editing the files, you can launch build process on remote (or local) machine. These features together allow you to make quick bug fixes and test them immediately.

The build commands are located in WinGDB/Build menu:

These commands display configuration dialogs, where you can specify various options for the build:

On the General page you enter login information, as described here. The Project build page contains options for the build. Available options are described in this section. These options are shared with the project mode, however not all of them are applicable for the quick mode (although most are).

Table of Contents

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